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Steve Biddulph, Renowned Parenting author and speaker has said about us:

"This practice brings together some of the best parent educators in the UK, who I have known and worked alongside for over 10 years. You are lucky to have this kind of help at hand, and I encourage you to use it."

The Parenting Practice is a group of qualified and highly experienced parenting practitioners based in North London and the surrounding areas.

Are you a parent or carer?

Do you want to discover new ways to:
Encourage co-operation with your children, from toddlers to teenagers
Set and keep limits
Deal with arguments without screaming and shouting
Make homework battles a thing of the past
Learn how to really listen to your children and get them to listen to you
Encourage children to feel good about themselves
Help children to take their place confidently in the world

To make YOUR family life calmer and more enjoyable, we offer one-to-one sessions, whether face- to -face or over the phone, short workshops and longer courses which can be tailor-made to suit you or your organisation.