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We like to get feedback from our clients to make sure we are always providing a great service. Here is what some of them have to say...

"It's an inspiring course which has provided me with the tools to change my way of thinking and help my children understand. We all talk more about things"

"The course helped in many ways, especially talking through boundaries and rules and what types of discipline to use. I feel more confident and a lot happier”

"This course (Preparing for the Teen Years) has really helped me to gain confidence, has made me much less anxious and given me a much better understanding of the issues.”

"I feel much more in control of my temper and able to manage challenging situations."

"I feel much better equipped to deal with my children’s feelings and have improved my communication skills no end."

"This course teaches you how to communicate effectively not only with your children, but also with your partner and people at work!"

"I really enjoyed the course, meeting all the other parents and realising I’m not the only one going through this."

"My relationship with my daughter has improved so much!"

"Helped me gain a much better understanding of my children's needs and why they behave in certain ways. Very valuable"

"The course was a really good balance of theory and practice, with lots of time to explore particular problems.

"I really learnt so many skills...how to praise my children effectively, how to listen to them, how to problem-solve..."

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"Coaching is a great way to achieve your parenting goals smoothly and efficiently”

"My husband and I are much more aware of our children's feelings." 

“Just one session was enough to get back on track.”

“Telephone sessions are so useful if you don’t have child-care and you work in the day. I learnt much more than I thought I would.”

“I learnt how to talk to my kids so that they would listen instead of getting defensive.”

“Now I can control my anger much better”

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one to ones

"They suggested this course which really changed my life for the better."

"It was so useful to speak to someone who really had a lot of experience in dealing with difficult teenagers...."

"After a few sessions with one of the parenting consultants I feel my relationship with my children really turned around."

"The courses are so great at helping you to look at how to manage things differently. Now I feel I can face anything my five-year old will throw at me! "

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