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General Parenting Books

Glenda Weil and Doro Marden
Teach yourself -Bringing up happy children. Hodder Education 2008 Written by two Parenting Practice members, the book is the product of a combined 30 years of working with parents, whose stories bring the exercises to life. As well as offering tried and tested techniques it draws on the burgeoning field of happiness research to strengthen relationships and give children confidence. Includes a chapter on sibling conflict and one on talking about difficult issues such as divorce and bereavement.

Steve Biddulph
The Secret of Happy Children: A Guide for Parents
(HarperCollins New edition 1999)

Steve Biddulph
More Secrets of Happy Children: A Guide for Parents
(HarperCollins 1999)

Sharon Biddulph
The Complete Secrets of Happy Children- A Guide for Parents (Thorsons 2003) Classic books on how to communicate with children from birth to teens. Lots of good tips and easy to read.

Miriam Chachamu
How to calm a challenging child (Foulsham press 2008)
A great book for every parent, really easy to read and digest with lots of cartoons that make all the skills seem manageable to put into practice.

John Gottman
The Heart of Parenting: How to raise an emotionally intelligent child (Bloomsbury; New edition 1997)
Ideas on how to raise children who can understand and control their emotions, children’s emotional needs at different ages and how to help and support them.

Bonnie Harris
When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and What You Can Do About It. (Piatkus Books 2005) Helps you to work out why you as parents act the way you do and how your children react as a result. Offers ways to find new solutions to deal with it all in a clear, wise and insightful manner.

Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer
Positive Parenting: Raising children with self-esteem; Vermilion (1994)
Straightforward advice on what helps children to develop and what blocks progress. The book's two core messages are: believe in yourself; and what you do is less important than how you do it.

Suzy Hayman
Teach Yourself Single Parenting (Hodder Education 2008)
An easy read which includes emotional issues as well as practical advice on finances etc.

Jean Illsley Clark
Self Esteem A Family Affair (Hazelden 1998)
This book offers a broad range of imaginative and effective suggestions for dealing with individual family members in ways that nourish self-esteem for all involved.

Cassandra Jardine
How to be a better parent No Matter How Badly Your Children Behave or How Busy You Are (Vermilion 2003)
A well-written book about all the real and potential problems that parents have to deal with on a daily basis with advice that works.

Cassandra Jardine
Positive Not Pushy: How to Make the Most of Your Child's Potential; (Vermilion 2005) This easy-to-use book gives advice on the practicalities and psychology of encouraging a talent, while keeping your child happy and well-balanced.

Gael Lindenfield
Confident Children (HarperCollins; New Ed edition 2000)
Practical advice on raising happy, self-confident children

Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk (Piccadilly Press 2001) American. Very good introduction to core skills and how to use them; good cartoons too.

Noel Janis-Norton
Can’t Smack? Won’t Smack? (Barrington Stoke Ltd 2005)
This book sheds new light on the complex factors that drive parents to smack, shout and criticise their children and offers a range of alternative solutions. Very clearly presented and full of useful techniques.

Noel Janis-Norton
Could Do Better: How Parents can Help their Children Succeed at School (Barrington Stoke Ltd 2005) Shows parents how they can work with their children to achieve their potential and make the most of their education.

Elizabeth Pantley
Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Your Kids Yelling and Nagging and Pleading and Get Your Kids to Cooperate (New Harbinger Publications,U.S 1996)
The author gives you a wide range of options for dealing with everyday situations. However, she then gives you a selection of coping strategies that are simple to understand but very effective.

Elizabeth Pantley
Hidden Messages, what our words and actions are really telling our children; (McGraw-Hill Contemporary 2000) Pantley shows the child's perspective and offers suggestions for specific changes parents can make. The stories cover all ages, from babies to teenagers and a range of themes such as battling siblings, developing independence and life-skills in your children.

Elizabeth Pantley
Perfect Parenting: The Dictionary of 1000 Parenting Tips. (McGraw-Hill Contemporary 1998) A handy reference book with practical, commonsense solutions aimed to make your life easier.

Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzell Parenting from the Inside Out: How a Deeper Self-understanding Can Help You Raise Children Who Thrive (Penguin 2004)
Explores the extent to which our childhood experiences actually shape the way we parent. Drawing upon new findings in neurobiology and attachment research, the authors explain how interpersonal relationships directly impact the development of the brain and offer parents a step by step approach to forming a deeper understanding of their own life stories, which will help them raise compassionate and resilient children.

Jan Parker and Jan Stimpson
Raising Happy Children (Hodder and Stoughton 1999)
A British book with lots of quotes from parents.

Martin Seligman
The Optimistic Child (Houghton Mifflin 2007)
A useful programme to safeguard children against depression and build lifelong resilience.

Sal Severe
How to behave so your children will too; Practical Strategies to make discipline simple and your life easier (Vermilion 2004) Explains how to teach your children to behave, how to listen and be more cooperative. It also outlines how to manage your own anger and respond consistently, thus avoiding arguments and power struggles. Written by an expert in psychiatry, this book makes discipline simple and your life easier.

Georgina Walsh
How to find the childcare your child will love: Manage It Properly and Make It Work for You (Foulsham 2008) Lots of good sound advice and practical ideas to helps you work out what type of childcare will suit you. Some great tips for settling your child in and useful lists of questions to ask when interviewing.