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We have complied an extensive list of useful books and useful websites for you.
Follow the links on the left to find what you need or just scroll down through all the resources...

General Websites

www.parentlineplus.org.uk 24 helpline 0808 800 2222
The national organisation offering support to parents. Call -takers are specially trained and all are themselves parents. The website covers all ages and has a special section on bullying, forums for parent to parent discussion and an email service. You can access sessions of one to one telephone support via the helpline, and even telephone groups. There is a comprehensive list of links to specialist organisations on the website too.

Mumsnet offers a supportive online community in the UK. You can contact mothers in your area and beyond, and find out about local activities. They have an interesting archive of Q and A sessions with various parenting ‘experts’.

An international charity which works to promote mental and emotional wellbeing in children. Their website has a section for parents covering bereavement, bullying and divorce and separation. It also gives ideas for activities for parents to do with children to support coping skills.

A US site with commercial sponsors, covering the whole age range. Comprehensive and up to date it features a good article on children and social networking sites. You can avoid some of the advertisements by clicking on ‘go directly to your link’


Excellent site for parents of children up to 8 years old funded by the Australian government. Good on discipline and health issues.

Good on all aspects of safety outside the home, including travel on public transport and mobile phones.

 A social networking and advice site giving parents of teenagers a space to support each other through the challenges and successes of bringing up teens. Provides message boards, an e-learning section, videos and great cartoons.

Excellent publications, audio tapes and videos for parents of adolescents and young people themselves.