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Here are some examples of courses or series of workshops that we have run:

Babygrow - First Parenting 0- 18 months

3 sessions before the birth, and 3 sessions with the babies in the group afterwards. Get ready to welcome and enjoy your baby and share the ups and downs of becoming a parent.

Coping with the terrible twos? Help is at hand in dealing with temper tantrums, sleep problems, setting limits and any other relevant issues.

Primary Parenting Matters
General parenting course for parents with children aged 4-12, covering self esteem, dealing with feelings, setting limits and communication skills. Usually 6 - 12 sessions

Less Shouting More Co-Operation
5 sessions covering all kinds of strategies for a calmer home

The Home School Partnership
Topics include helping with homework, developing motivation, creating a learning environment at home, dealing with friendship issues, bullying and safe internet use. Usually 6 - 10 sessions.

Parenting Pre-Teens
Children seem to be reaching adolescence earlier and earlier and parents are often at a loss as to how to deal with a challenging pre-teen. This course will examine some of the issues in parenting children between 8 and 12 and offer some tips on how to cope. Usually 6-10 sessions.

Parenting Teens
Sessions cover changing roles and adolescent development, listening, setting and keeping boundaries, self-image, problem areas (drugs, eating disorders etc) and letting go. Usually 6 to 12 sessions.

Relations With Adult Children
Parenting doesn’t end at 18, indeed there are often difficulties as we find the balance between supporting young adults to make their way in the world while letting them follow their own dreams. A chance to talk over issues with others in the same situation.

Being A Grandparent
Exploring how much we can offer as a grandparent and knowing our limits, relationships with sons and daughters in law, how things have changed since we were parents.

Communicating In The Family
4 sessions on how to talk so your children will listen and listen so they will talk.

Helping Your Children through Separation/Divorce
Conflict in the family and going through a separation can be very stressful for all concerned. Learn some ways of coping, share concerns and find out how to minimise the damaging effects on children

Step Families
Blended families throw up challenges for everyone; sharing ideas and problems and learning some strategies for calm can be invaluable Brothers And Sisters
2-4 sessions looking at why children fight and what we can do (and avoid doing) about it.

Tailored groups addressing the role of fathers as parents in today's changing world.

Special Needs
Having a child who has different needs (for e.g. ADHD, Asperger’s/ autism etc) can be an isolating experience for parents and siblings. We offer support and help in meeting the needs of the whole family.

Dealing With Anger
2 to 5 sessions covering what causes anger in the family and how to deal with it productively.

Bullying can be a painful experience for all those involved. Share and discover ways to cope as a parent and how you can help your children to avoid or deal with being either bully or victim.

Stress Management
Being a parent is one of the most stressful jobs. Learn some ways to manage stress and make life calmer for you and your children. Usually 4-8 sessions.

Work/Life Balance
Life can overwhelm us at times and as parents we can easily feel stressed out. This can lead to a cycle of feeling guilty and blaming ourselves because we are constantly tired and unable to keep up with the demands of family life. We can suggest ideas, tools and tips so you feel more able to cope with the ups and downs and achieve a better balance.

Dealing with Discrimination
Many families face discrimination, harassment or bullying because of how individuals and society judge people who are different and in the minority. Our programmes will provide you with skills and ideas to help you and your child to deal assertively with unfair treatment. This will help to raise your child’s self confidence about their own identity and culture.

Telephone sessions
Sometimes it is hard to find a course in your area or get to a group at a specific time. Parenting sessions by phone or skype save travel time and allow you to get support when it suits you wherever you are in the world. Courses can be set up over the phone if there are sufficient numbers and people have the right technology

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