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We offer a range of different ways of supporting parents, from face to face sessions in your own home to groups in the community. We can give talks or run workshops and courses in any given setting. Prices vary according to the services provided and location. Follow the links on the left to find out more about how we can help you or your organisation.

If you are a parent/carer seeking help you can contact us directly. We work with mothers and fathers either on their own or together as a couple. There are different ways in which you can access help (face-to-face, telephone, groups etc) - have a look at the Ways we Work and Concerns we address sections to see what looks best for you.

In schools we can either work directly for you or privately for the parents, i.e. parents pay a charge per session, but we use school facilities. We can do talks for the whole school or workshops/courses for small groups of parents (usually up to 12). We can advise on the publicity for any events or do our own.
As well as providing talks/workshops/courses on specific themes, we can provide mentoring training for parents to support other parents in the school. Any programme can be tailored to your requirements but have a look at the section on Talks/workshops and Courses for further ideas.

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  Community Groups
We work with voluntary sector and community groups to provide a variety of models of support to parents. We can tailor-make courses to fit the needs of your organisation’s particular parent group, or even research what these needs are, through focus groups, surveys, mapping etc. We can train parents as mentors or volunteers to support other parents including training fathers to run fathers’ groups. Have a look at the section on Talks/workshops and Courses for possible ideas.

Turn your business into a parent-friendly environment! The provision of in-house workshops and courses can be a real asset to your staff who may be struggling with the combined demands of work and parenthood. Talks specifically on ‘Work/Life Balance’ are always popular in this setting, but we can tailor-make any programme to suit the needs of your employees. Have a look at the section on Talks/workshops and Courses for some suggestions.