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Alison Corob
I work as a free-lance parenting consultant, running groups and seeing individuals/couples. I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and in a range of settings, mostly in my local community and predominantly in schools. I aim to empower people to find their own solutions, but am happy to offer suggestions and practical advice where necessary.

I believe that there are many possible ways of responding in family situations and I see my job as helping to find the best means for any given family. Sometimes one individual session is enough to get back on track. I run a range of parenting courses of varying lengths, as well as one-off workshops on themes such as helping with homework, managing leisure time, staying safe, bully-proofing, stress and anger management.

I trained at Bath University in the early 1980s and thereafter worked with families who were struggling to deal with complex issues, from mental-health problems to drug dependency to children’s behaviour difficulties. Over the years I have done a lot of different kinds of training in counselling and psychotherapy which has informed my practice. However the most useful training for working with parents has been having three children of my own. I found that struggling with the demands of warring toddlers forced me to take stock and learn some more practical parenting tools. I went on a parenting course myself which I found very helpful and my warring toddlers have now become feisty teenagers! I subsequently trained in parenting education specifically and have been working in the field for the best part of this century.

Each year I attend various short courses and workshops to expand my skills and keep up to date with current practices.

Special Interests:
Young Children
Pre-teens and Teens
Home-school Issues
Stress management
Relaxation for children
Mental health problems

Preferred Approaches:
One-off workshops
Individual counselling

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