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Glenda Weil
Being a mother of four, I have first hand experience of many of the issues which parents raise in the groups and workshops I have been running for over 10 years. I have come to realise the great value parents and carers derive from simply sharing experiences. Looking at what works well and what could be changed helps families to enjoy their relationships and make the most of life.

I have worked in and around London with parents from diverse cultural backgrounds, including parents of children with autism and AD(H)D. As well as running private sessions, I have been involved with community groups and schools, notably through ParentlinePlus. This association led to an engagement with Primary School children in a Peer Mediation project. My speciality was originally philosophy, which took me to Paris for five years. However, after attending a parenting course, I found it so helpful that I decided to train in this field, and have found my work with parents both inspiring and interesting. Together with my colleague, Doro Marden, I have written 'Bringing up Happy Children', published in 2008 by Hodder.

Special Interests:
Children with AD(H)D and ASD
Anger management
Family Relationships

Preferred Approaches:

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